Tevis Hodge, Jr. will open the festival at 5:30pm on Friday, July 17th at the 40th Annual Cathedral Park Jazz Festival!

Click here to access the Twitch online live streaming of this performance!

Born in Virginia, his mixed race and mixed culture background exposed him to the blues of his father's family, and the folk music played by his mother.  Since the age of 12, Tevis has been inspired to bring old traditions to life for a true blues experience as he channels his heritage. 

While accenting his own original flare and interpretations, Tevis executes an authentic performance whether it be a cover or an original.  As an artist, he is more than a re-visioner of yesterday, he is a fresh contributor to today

Tevis placed as a solo semi-finalist in the 2014 International Blues Challenge, and has had great reception at festivals and venues alike.

By now, as he is really just getting started, you might notTevis Guitar1 know him unless you live in Portland, unless you follow the Memphis Blues Challenge by the Blues Foundation where he made it to the semi-finals. Hodge was born in Woodbridge, Virginia. At age 15 he migrated with his family to Portland, by way of Utah.

Tevis Hodge Jr. covers old classics, but a fair share of his repertoire are original songs. Besides guitar he plays tenor banjo.