Welcome to the JSO Cathedral Park Jazz Festival vendor page for the 43rd annual festival taking place Friday through Sunday, July 14-16, 2023.

Please note several changes to the Food and Craft applications this year.

Food vendor applications are due June 1st, 2023.

You create the great culinary atmosphere on Crawford Street and the beer gardens. Your participation is a vital contribution to CPJF success.

This year, we are taking separate applications from craft vendors who will again set up at assigned locations in the park. This is the third year we are welcoming crafts to the festival.

Craft Vendor Applications are due June 1st, 2023. We are happy to have you join us.

The links to the Food Vendor Application and Craft Vendor Application are below.

Download the Food Vendor Application!

Download the Craft Vendor Application!

Sincere appreciation for your application and support. Let’s stay in touch!



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Food and Crafts
Food Court
  • Location: Assigned spaces on N. Crawford street between N. Pittsburg Ave. and N. Baltimore Ave. The street is below the amphitheater and blocked off for foot traffic only. A Full Menu Vendor space is available next to each Beer Garden. Please inquire if interested.
  • Single Item Food Vendor assigned spaces on N. Crawford Street are 12’ wide and up to 12’ deep allowing for a fire lane through the middle of N. Crawford Street.
  • Full Menu Food Vendor spaces are 20’ wide and up to 12’ deep allowing for a fire lane through the middle of N. Crawford Street.
  • Facilities: Potable water, grey water disposal, pre-approved electricity, drop box on N. Crawford Street for solid waste materials.
  • Self-contained food carts are preferred.
Craft Area
  • Location: Assigned booth spaces along the path adjacent to the bridge from N. Crawford Street into the park.
  • Craft Booth spaces are 10’ x 10’.
  • Facilities: Vendors must provide their own canopy and booth furnishings. Electricity is not provided. Battery operated lighting is recommended for evening lighting. A drop box on N. Crawford Street is available for solid waste materials.
Food and Crafts
Vendor Fee
  • Once your application is accepted, please pay by check to
    Jazz Society of Oregon, PO Box 19882, Portland OR 97280
  • Or you may use the PayPal button on our About Us page. Notify carol.cpjfvendors@gmail.com when payment is made. Payment is due upon acceptance in order to keep your reservation. However, do not make your payment until you have been notified of acceptance.
Vendor Fee