Don't miss David Friesen’s Circle 3 Trio LIVE STREAM performance from the Portland Piano Company on Friday, January 15th at 7pm PST!

Left Door Streaming will be enabling this performance to be viewed by a wide audience.

Starting at 7pm Friday, please click the link below to view this amazing live stream performance!

David Friesen's CIRCLE 3 TRIO (David Friesen-hemage bass, Joe Manis-tenor, soprano, Charlie Doggett-drums) with special guest Dan Gaynor-piano.

"Everything the trio plays is colored with a pronounced individuality. The harmonic depth, intense rhythm and subtle interaction they employ mesmerizes an audience."

"Creating sublime musical structures over the last five decades, where risk-taking, rhythmic rapport, and giving of oneself to the music are the essence, legendary bassist David Friesen's music continues to reach new pinnacles of profound expression. On disc one, his long-touring, closely-knit trio with saxophonist Joe Manis and drummer Charlie Doggett went into a Portland studio to record 13 new works by Friesen. Disc Two, with Manis and Australia-based drummer, Reuben Bradley, is a bristling live performance from Vienna's Porgy & Bess jazz club during their Spring 2019 European tour. Thriving on selfless awareness and their uncanny compatibility, the trio's joyful interactions offer surprise, beauty, and depth at every turn. "...a fabulous musical fabric with rippling and sometimes broodingly percussive, tumbling grooves upon which foundation he creates a unique sonic architecture." - JazzDaGama