Tuesday, February 27, 2024 - 7:00pm

PDX Jazz Festival at various venues

Fractal Quartet at the Alberta Street Pub 1036 Northeast Alberta Street Portland, OR, 97211 - 7:00p - Free

  • Libby Roach guitar
  • Whityn Owen drums
  • Eric Gruber bass

Fractal Quintet is a long standing Portland ensemble led by guitarist, vocalist, and composer Libby Roach. Roach’s compositions embrace all of her varied influences, touching on elements as diverse as latin jazz, mixed meter fusion, and soul jazz, all held together by a playful, Zappa-esque sense of fun and experimentation. Originally hailing from Louisiana, Libby Roach grew up in Ashland, OR and was involved from a very early age in music, theater, and film. Her music has appeared in independent film soundtracks, and her legendary punk rock band Smidgen opened for Primus in Southern Oregon in 2012. Fractal Quintet has long been the forum for the development of Libby’s intricate long form pieces, which tend to be comprised of many contrasting sections and yet seamlessly balance a sense of intense, driving groove with rhythmic adventurousness and strong, lyrical melodies. Her unique brand of fingerstyle rhythm guitar is steeped in samba rhythms and has been developed partially as a result of her trips to South America throughout her life. The tunes “Summertime” and “Sideways” showcase her Bjork influenced vocal work alongside brilliant improvisations from the band’s stellar lineup. “Precipieces” is a unique accomplishment: a record that maintains a strong sense of groove and pop sensibility while never compromising in terms of sophistication and complexity. The sidemen in Fractal Quintet have all made important contributions to the regional music scene over the last two decades. Keyboardist Andrew Oliver has played with a myriad of Portland jazz icons and led his own bands, including the internationally recognized jazz and West African fusion project “Kora Band” and his chamber jazz collaboration with PJCE Records co-founder Dan Duval, the Ocular Concern. Reed player Lee Elderton has played with Andrew Durkin’s Industrial Jazz Group, Ocular Concern, Optic Nerve Trio, PJCE’s resident large ensemble, and many more. Trumpeter Katy Presley has toured extensively with notable punk and ska bands in addition to collaborating with her father, notable upright bass player Dan Presley (“Tall Jazz”). Upright bass player Eric Gruber has played with Bridgetown Sextet, Andrew Oliver Sextet, and Devin Phillips, among others. Drummer Whityn Owen is a major force behind Fractal Quintet, and has played with notable funk bands Rubberneck and Ben Darwish’s Commotion. Prior to Whityn Owen’s arrival, the late Kipp Crawford held the drum chair in Fractal Quintet for many years. The Portland music community experienced a deep loss when Kipp was tragically killed in an accident in 2009 at the age of thirty one. Kipp had been a core member of Fractal Quintet for many years, and “Precipieces” includes two pieces which feature Kipp’s drumming and production work. The Ashland Schools Foundation has established the Kipp Crawford Memorial Endowment Fund, which is used to create enriching opportunities for jazz musicians in the Ashland schools.



February 27, 2024
7:00 pm