Sunday, September 24, 2023 - 7:00pm to 10:30pm

Photo: Douglas Detrick

Chris Lee "Quintet Music" Album Release is at the 1905

Two Shows - 7:00p and 9:00p

  • Tom Barber, Trumpet
  • Dan Balmer, Guitar
  • Dave Captein, Bass
  • Clay Giberson, Piano
  • Chris Lee, Drums

Portland-based jazz drummer and composer Chris Lee is a long-standing veteran of the local jazz scene and is known for his creativity and musicality. He is releasing his album, Quintet Music, on September 15, 2023. The album features Lee on drums, Dan Balmer on guitar, Greg Goebel on piano, Thomas Barber on trumpet, and Dave Captein on bass. The debut album is comprised entirely of Lee’s original compositions, and it explores a wide range of emotions and textures. “Besides being a drummer and vibist, I’ve always written music. I’m not a terribly prolific composer but over the years I’ve managed to put together a fair body of work. So when the opportunity arose, I had a backlog of pieces I’d wanted to record and decided a quintet (trumpet, guitar, piano, bass and drums) would serve this music particularly well. I knew I wanted Dan on guitar and Dave on bass and was fortunate to get both Greg and Tom as well, who both fit perfectly. Dan and I had our first band together as teenagers. Dave and I went to the same grade school, but didn’t play together until later when we formed a trio with Dan.” In sum, this album exhibits technical mastery from each musician, and powerful compositions from Lee. It exemplifies the best of what PJCE Records has to offer. Compelling original music played by master musicians from Portland, Oregon. Photo: Douglas Detrick



September 24, 2023
7:00 pm to 10:30 pm
15 - 20 for each show


(503) 460-3333
830 N Shaver St
Portland, OR 97227

Every day of the week in the evenings, and often multiple times per day on weekends, The 1905 plays host to the exquisite jazz community that Portland has to offer. In addition to keeping a finger on the pulse of the local scene, The 1905 has hosted internationally recognized musicians such as 5 time Grammy award-winner Antonio Sanchez, and Jazz greats like Ralph Peterson Jr.